Thursday, May 7, 2015

Right Now | May

Right now we're doing a lot of outside chores.
  • Hosted a work day and invited both sets of parents. Both showed up. I know, now I am bragging. The huge dent they made in the backlog of outdoor upkeep helped to get Spring cleaning kicked into gear.
  • I've learned to use the power washer. Several sessions in an old pair of tennis shoes and Eric insisted I let him buy me some boots. Dry feet and a sunny day make the chore a lot more fun. Wish they made something that worked such magic indoors.
  • Paper weed blocker purchased and ready to go down.
  • Load of rock ordered, soon to be delivered.
  • Porch chairs (promised for last year's birthday) purchased, along with colorful outdoor pillows to make me want to actually sit on the porch and read this summer.
Right now we're diligently widening our vegetable palette.
  • The kids have learned to add broccoli and asparagus to carrots, sugar snap peas, peas, and celery to their short list of tolerable dinner vegetables.
  • I wonder if olive oil and garlic salt will work magic on brussel sprouts
Right now I am trying to work the creative back into my rhythm.
  • After putting Project Life on the back burner, I'm getting photos printed and enjoying documenting the simple stories that make up our every day life right now.
  • Catching up has also included some new designs to put together some more freebies. It's been too long.
Right now we are planning Summer adventures.
  • A trip east of the mountains to honor our retiring pastor as he is applauded by others in this conference.
  • Registering for a science day camp.
  • Thinking about a drama Summer camp.
  • Looking up swimming lesson schedules.
  • Taking the RV in to get some repairs before committing to Yellowstone vacation dates.

Right now we are actively working towards simplifying life.
  • Saying good-bye to some dearly love pets.
  • Winding down leading a children's church program in preparation for a three-month Sabbath rest.
  • Sorting, organizing, and purging stuff.
  • Cutting off my hair to force myself to actually do it, instead of pulling it up in pony tail every day.

Right now saying yes, more than no to time with family.
  • Saying yes to multiple field trips with the kids' classes.
  • Saying yes to donut runs to the Donut House in Anacortes.
  • Saying yes to visiting Grampy and Grammy.
  • Saying yes to evening photo shoots with Uncle Andy.
  • Saying yes to morning and evening snuggles on the couch with all three kids.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Around Here | The Boundary Lines Have Fallen in Welcome Places

Around here our days have been full and the blog has been left abandoned. Pardon us as we did life and I put documenting on pause so that I could focus more fully on these precious moments that feel like they are all slipping by too quickly.

Around here there was a lot of time waiting at the bus stop.

Around here there is a crazy, crazy, crazy amount of laundry. Do they really wear half of what gets put in the laundry basket?

Around here we been going through bags and bags of wonderful fruit. Apples are still the kids' favorite after school snack. Mercy likes green. Daniel and Gracie prefer crispy red. No one likes the mushy soft ones.

Around here we had friends over before and after school.

Around here Daniel purchase a used skateboard and is learning to balance himself on wheels. I am so thankful for helmets. And he quickly decided knee pads would be a wise investment.

Around here we love sleepovers with the cousins and grandparents who are willing to make that happen.

Around here we are thankful for grandparents who take the kids to the park.

Around here we are trying new things, like horseback riding, thanks to a second cousin's birthday party.

Around here we prepared for Palm Sunday, taught the kids at church a new song (Hosanna Rock) and filmed a fun music video with the preschoolers.

Around here we sewed up 50+ paper fish in preparation for Easter and the telling of how Jesus performed one more miracle for those silly disciples who went back to the familiar right after Jesus' death.

Around here we celebrated my grandfather turning 93!

Around here we discovered Mercy needed glasses, BADLY.

Around here we celebrated Easter with more than 50 kids.

Around here the kids celebrated with an 200+ Easter Egg Hunt that was split among only six cousins!

Around here we got Mercy the much needed glasses. She decided on adorable dark brown frames that had turquoise (her favorite color) on the inside of the frames. We decided she looks far too grown up and far too intelligent and much too adorable!

Around here was stopped to look at the gorgeous trees in the parking lot at Haggen after spending nearly $150 on groceries. When did food get so expensive?

Around here we had an outdoor, get ready for Spring and give a love gift to Eric Work Party with both sets of parents/grandparents.

Around here we spent a Saturday in Seattle.

Around here the kids went to their very first concert.

Around here the lights of the volume, the lights, and the energy were incredible. Around here we love music. The Rend Collective and Chris Tomlin are favorites of ours. It was an ideal first concert. I am thinking about which one to take the kids to next. The only sadness was that we'd hoped that Chris Tomlin would have sung Lion of Judah, Daniel's favorite. Maybe the next time we see him (see how hopeful I am?) we will be brave and scream it out in hopes of being heard and just maybe Mr. Tomlin would take mercy on us!

Around here we are overwhelmed by God's tender mercies.
Around here, we are incredibly grateful because for us "the boundary lines have fallen in welcome places." (Boundary Lines, Chris Tomlin)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Pocket Card Freebie | Sky Kit

Here is a little freebie I have been working on. I love these two shades of blue together.

Download Sky Kit Freebie HERE.



Friday, January 16, 2015

Project Life | Week 01

Left Side

Right Side

I've officially started. I have had my photos printed for a few days, but just sat down last evening to get started on my first pages. I don't plan to use one kit exclusively. I have two kids, Midnight Edition and Blush Edition. I really like both. I plan to sprinkle my own designs throughout.

I don't know if I will use my silhouette all year to cut out the month cards, but I like the way it looks. I used the font Kavya Confident. I modified it before cutting, to thicken up the lines. I did this by offsetting the font (0.025). Then I deleted the smaller version. I was pleased with how it turned out.

Here is a detail of one of my cards. It's a doodled frame on a 4x6 pocket card. The text is hand-written. Handwriting is so much quicker and I really like the personalized touch. You can download this pocket card, along with four others for free HERE. When I designed them I meant for them to frame photos, but I really like what text looks like in them. The 3x4 pocket cards from the same set you can download HERE.

This week we went back to school. I used one of the Midnight Edition fold over cards. I put the basic routine on the outside. Inside is more of the story, specifically about the use of the electronic devices in the morning. I like having these kinds of things documented.

Also from the Midnight Edition, I cut out this heart and added it to the photo for a little dimension.

Not a lot of color in this first layout. I kind of like that. It makes me feel like I'm starting with a clean slate, free to go any number of directions, without locking me in too early with a color plan. I like my Project Life books to have a cohesive look, color can play such a big role in making that happen.

So happy to be moving into a new year and a new book!


Pocket Card Freebie | Frame It Up Mini Kit 02

Another freebie, as I promised yesterday. These ones are 3x4 pocket cards. Enjoy!

Download the Frame It Up Mini Kit 02 HERE.