Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Since the Last Time | November

Since the last time I posted...

Gracie lost a tooth.

We got a green screen backdrop for filming projects, got it set up in the garage, and have been using it quite regularly.

We've spent lots of time at the bus stop. Gracie was having some tough mornings, crying and refusing to get on the bus. We discovered that making a "Gracie Sandwich" solved the problem. When she was the last one on she was tempted to turn around and run into my arms. But if she was sandwiched between her big sister ahead of her and her big brother behind her, she felt brave and safe.

We finished Mercy's blanket and started in on Gracie's.

Cousin Evan came home from his second summer fishing in Alaska.

We got to attend one of Cousin Lauren's games.

We worked as a family to stack, load and deliver wood from some fallen trees on our property.

Attended a fantastic Third Day Concert with friends.

Gracie started taking piano lessons. She gets so excited and is finding joy in practicing.

My mom found out she needed open heart surgery.

We spent days going back and forth to the hospital.

Was reminded watching my dad how lifelong love is sometimes as simple as serving by rubbing the others feet, because it's all you can do.

Spending time with my mommy.

Reminded by my boss that being an INFJ is awesome (he's bias, since he too is an INFJ).

Daniel received his first pair of Carhart bib-overalls. Proud family milestone.

And finally a father-son hunting trip that made the boys so very happy.

May your days, like mine have been, be filled with precious reminders that evidence of God's grace and mercy is sprinkled throughout every day life.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My 7 Things for Fall | Fall Manifesto

Wednesday came. The kids returned to school.

Somehow, for me, this signals a return also to order, systems, schedules, lists, and getting things done. Gone are the lazy days of summer when staying in our pajamas until noon is completely okay. Gone are the days when lunch is eaten in the living room while the kids watch something on Netflix. Gone are the days when the kids jump on the trampoline five times, sometimes alone and sometimes together. Gone are the Tuesdays when the kids get to spend all day at Grandma's while Mommy goes to work. Gone are the days that we can watch the Food Network with dinner because there is plenty of time after dinner for the kids to tell Daddy all about their day. Gone are the days when eight o'clock is not too late to start the night time routine and still have enough time to have devotions and read in bed before lights out.

But it's good.

Around here, manifestos aren't only for Summer. And it's time for crafting my Fall Manifesto. I have been spending time considering what my priorities need to be this Fall.

My Fall Manifesto:
  • Be up at 6AM, more mornings than not. Proverbs 31:15
  • Mediating on God's Word, studying Acts with Daniel, who is trying out Bible Quizzing this Fall. Psalm 119:105
  • Join the PTO. Become more involved at the school, opening myself up to moms who aren't in my "church circle". It's time to widen the circle. Acts 1:8
  • De-clutter. No, purge. One area at a time, intentionally. Removing stuff for the purpose of making more room for the people who live within these four walls. Focus on purging MY stuff. Hebrews 12:1
  • Take pictures and document life to remember, but not at the expense of doing the living of life. When taking the time to document gets in the way of the living, I will choose the living. Philippians 1:3
  • More music. Have music playing in the background all day and evening, because it can put me in a good place emotionally. Philippians 4:4
  • Make Sunday after church our sacred family sabbath. Sunday mornings, for our family, are an intense time of service as a family. I want to actively guard from 1PM to bedtime to nourish and recharge our family before routine to the Monday routine. (Already had a chance to practice saying no to something, this upcoming Sunday. I was able to say no.) Exodus 3:13
As you look to Fall, what Manifesto would you create for yourself?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Wednesday Photos

After the fact, I am always glad that I have done Week in the Life. Mid-week I start to feel like my photos don't tell enough of the story. But I continue to plod along anyway. When I put together my pages I will add more to the story. Sometimes there are significant pieces to our week that aren't okay to post for everyone because they aren't only our story. But when putting together the pages, those things will work their way in and round out the story more completely. I will also have pictures from the kids' days with their grandparents which will give that part of the week too. But for now, here is a little part of the story of the day...

A little morning caffeine at my desk. Sorting through morning emails.

I little paper mess. Those papers in the KIDS bin are not the kids, but my FILE bin is too full, so it's spread over into that empty bin. I need to file before it works its way down to the TRU bin too. Obviously not my favorite task.

A little stack of drying dishes. I dislike hand washing dishes, but it has to happen. So it does.

A little variety of fruit.

A little cut up watermelon to have in the refrigerator for snacking.

A little vacuuming through the house.

A little quiet time looking up at the sky while stretched out on the trampoline. This is currently my absolute favorite quiet place.

A little jump on the trampoline, showing Cousin Lauren.

A little needed Mommy snuggle. Came home very tired, which meant very emotional. This snuggled was followed by a much longer private snuggle and chat in Mommy and Daddy's room.

A little reading.

A little dinner prep, pureed squash hidden in the homemade mac and cheese.

A little tablet time.

A little play time with in the living room.

A little produce from our weekly CSA box.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week In the Life 2015 | Tuesday Photos

My purse, loaded with Halls Vitamin C drops, ready for work. Still not feeling 100%, but doing what needs to get done. Maybe should stay home, but pushing through because I'm kind of hoping I get to see Pastor one more time at the church.

Leaving my messy house. Floor still not vacuumed from yesterday's piece cutting project. Shirts stacked on the ironing board waiting for attention. Clutter on the dining room table. The kitchen looks even worse and I truly wanted to close the door and walk away this morning.

The road to work is still being chip sealed. Supposed to go 20 miles per hour. Pet peeve? Drivers who pass illegally because their destination and timeline is more important than following posted roadwork signs.

Poignant moment at work when I realized this would be the last time I saw this typically Tuesday morning scene. My pastor is retiring after twenty-one years at our church. He was just in this morning to clean out a few more things from his office. He's technically done. He's been my pastor for my entire adult life, as long as I have been stateside. Kind of emotional week for me. Probably one reason why Eric and I argued tonight over something silly... produce going bad before it gets used, his pet peeve.

Extended time filming for the children's program at church this evening with Eric. Took advantage of the kids being at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete's and got some filming done. I sometimes feel guilty about how much time goes into prepping for church stuff. Less guilt when it isn't taking away time from the kids. Though last night Eric wasn't that into it, so it was a lot less fun than usual.

Made Eric's lunch for tomorrow while he watched something on Netflix. Our stove sure is dirty.

By the time the day was done, I was ready. Slept on the couch again tonight, not wanting to get Eric sick. Took more night-time cold medicine and it helped me sleep through the night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week In the Life 2015 | Monday Photos

Week In the Life has arrived. Rarely have I felt ready for it when it comes. This time was no different. I decided to walk calmly into documenting what I could and focus on merely getting a few more pictures than normal.

This was my favorite from today. Uncle has given Daniel an opportunity to earn some cash by cutting some piece work for him. Daniel enlisted Mercy's help when the deadline was nearing and he wasn't done.

Gracie generally likes bath time and would gladly spend an hour shriveling up in the tub.

The only photo I got of myself today.

The kids were packing up to spend two nights at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete's, being picked up at 2:30 today. They were so excited. Mercy was packed minutes after getting up.

I am sick, drinking this to sleep. Summer colds are the worst.

This is what I see when I look in the girls' room. Their desk is always cluttered with stuff. But I love the photo because the light coming in the room makes even the clutter lovely.

My favorite homemade dinner it pizza. The only pizza recipe I ever use is The Pioneer Woman's Pizza Dough. It never fails and works every single time. I love pizza and I love this recipe.

We are getting ready to film and my hubby is steaming out the wrinkles in the "green screen" we're using. I love that man.

And there was our Monday, nothing spectacular, but very good.