Friday, December 26, 2008

The Blue Family Christmas

We typically spend Christmas Day at Bill and Marguerite's (Eric's parents). Stephen and Kristi are there with the kids. This year even Aurora (the dog) was there. Mom has been making shrimp in an Italian red sauce over pasta for the last several years. She didn't disappoint us this year. It was delicious.

Aunt Kristi made this adorable apron for Mercy. Perfect to go with her pie cupboard that Daddy made her for Christmas. I love the quilted fabric. It's reversible. The other side is just as cute. Kristi telling me she was making this actually inspired me to try my hand at the felt food.

Daniel got his first real set of Legos this year. Here he is putting together the set he got from Grandpa Bill & Grandma Grete with Daddy. He was able to get through putting about half of it together before he needed a break. Not bad for a three (almost four) year old!

This adorable elephant was for Gracie, but it was Mercy who kept squeezing his hand to get him to sing "You are my Sunshine" while she twirled around (dancing).

Grandpa & Grandma got her this cute high chair. It matches a cradle she received last year. She loves to feed her babies.

Daniel LOVES his new REAL tool belt and tools that he got from Uncle Stephen and Aunt Kristi. He took them all out and got loaded up last night. He asked Daddy if he had a project he could help him with in the garage.


  1. so cute! love all of the pictures of the kids. :) how'd the pie cupboard turn out? i'm sure it was wonderful!

  2. the cupboard turned out cute. he still needs to paint it, but it's put together and she's been playing with it. I still need to make the little curtain, too. I'll get a picture once it's painted.