Monday, December 29, 2008

Cook Family Christmas

This was the second Christmas that Mom and Dad have been living in Warm Beach. This year was a little different than last since both parents were working. Dad has been working in the kitchen at the Warm Beach Senior Community and Mom has been working The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach Camp. So there seemed to be little time for anticipating the holiday. Still they both had Christmas Eve Day off and so we celebrated then with the whole turkey and stuffing affair. The Christmas Eve service at church was cancelled so the day was much more relaxed and unhurried.

Gracie started on Papa's lap.

Daniel wanted to join her.

Of course, Mercy could NOT be left out. So here she comes!

Loading Papa down... I love this picture! Look how proud Daniel looks. I think it's because he is actually holding Gracie.

My little Super Hero Daniel was so excited to receive the Bibleman DVDs from Grandpa & Grandma.

Mercy received pots and pans from Grandpa & Grandma Cook. They know how much she plays with her "cooking stuff" and had heard what Daddy was making her for Christmas.

Gracie was all smiles for Grammy. She kept Grammy's knees bouncing.

Eric had stayed up late working as Santa's elf, so he fell asleep during Gracie's nap. Maybe it was the turkey...

Mercy had helped make cookies for Grampy. We have to keep him stocked with sweets so that Grammy doesn't have to make him desserts when she can't eat them herself (because that's hardly fair).
And the biggest, most cherished gift of all...

...the Batmobile! Daniel's only been asking for it for three months!!! This Batmobile TRANSFORMS (one of Daniel's new vocabulary words) from Bruce Wayne's (included) sports coupe to Batman's attack coupe. Very cool.

Gracie loved her stuffed Pluto. She thought his nose was particularly tasty.

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  1. so cute! i ran into your mom and dad today at kohls. i saw andy, said hi, but he didn't see me. miss you.