Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mercy's Christmas

Eric is out in the garage working on Princess Mercy's pie cupboard. He called me out to take a look at the shelf spacing. It looks so great! I'm SO excited! My dear husband is such a craftsman. It may drive me crazy that it takes a long time to complete a project, but it is always done to absolute PERFECTION. Mercy is going to love it.

As for my part of her gift... felt food. There is a little disappointment. I am not going to get EVERYTHING made that I wanted to make. But she doesn't NEED everything that I wanted to make. She can do quite a lot with:
  • Fruit: bananas, apple slices, pear slices, & strawberries
  • Veggies: carrots & green beans
  • Canned Staples: soup
  • Seasonings: salt & pepper
  • Breakfast: toast, butter, sausage links, fried eggs, & milk

Then there are the yummy dessert options: white & chocolate cupcakes, petit forts, sugar cookies, & popsicles.

We celebrate with my family Christmas Eve, since Eric's family has Christmas Day. So, tonight Mercy was delighted by her very own set of pots and pans from Grandma & Grandpa (aka Papa) Cook. Her kitchen is already better stocked than my kitchen was before I married Eric (who was the only single guy I knew who wasn't a chef but had a kitchen torch used to make creme brulee.)

This project has been truly addicting!

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