Monday, December 22, 2008

Pie Cupboard & Baking Supplies

Daddy is making Mercy a pie cupboard for Christmas. Inspired, again, by Pottery Barn for Kids, I found an adorable kitchen set (three pieces). Full of confidence I said, "You could make this. Mercy would LOVE it!" He just looked at me and said, "Maybe ONE of those by Christmas. Which one do you want?" I picked the pie cupboard, since it was the best stand alone piece. So, Santa's Helper is spending the evenings in the garage, crafting an adorable cupboard for Christmas morning. (I'll post pictures of the completed project when he gets done.) I got busy with the felt food to stock her little pie cupboard.

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  1. hee hee! i love santa's helpers. they're fantastic. stan's been out working in the garage on emma's present too! :)