Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Storm - Part 1

I thought it was funny when the reporters started talking about a winter storm. The pacific northwest is known for oodles of rain, but not much in the way of snow. I figured by "storm" they meant a few inches of snow. And when you aren't used to driving in snow and ice, that can seem pretty awful.  I was a little surprised as Eric eventually measured TWO FEET!

The snow is one thing. It looks so pretty when you look through the Christmas lights in the window, warm and dry inside, sipping hot chocolate, or in my case, a sugar-free vanilla latte. Much more stressful was the loss of power. We were out of power for about 15 hours. The smell of our gas fireplace, which warms the living room, coupled with the candlelight, made me think of the many, many, many nights without electricity in Haiti. But I didn't have three children there. And keeping warm was never an issue.

Eric spent time outside. First he had to dig out the S10 truck. That was successful. Then he realized that the weight of the snow on the trailer tip-out was probably more than wise, so he had to clear that off. Only then did he start on clearing the driveway. He spent nearly three hours shoveling  and still didn't get it cleared. Thankfully our wonderful neighbor came by last night with his tractor and cleared in in minutes.

After the first day "trapped" Eric was really wanting "out". Perhaps he will venture out today now that the driveway is pretty clear. On more than one occasion he's failed to understand my need to "get out of the house". I took the opportunity to remind him that I stay home with the kids every day... his response, "you're used to it, I go to work every day." Hmm. Guess I still don't know if he understands. But do men and women ever really understand each other? Probably not. Makes for a much more interesting marriage. Don't you think?

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