Friday, January 23, 2009

Luckiest Birthday Boy Ever

Daniel must be the luckiest birthday boy ever. He gets to celebrate his birthday more than just once! We celebrated with the Blue side of the family a couple of weeks ago (I'm just now getting these photos posted, yikes!) We were celebrating Megan's birthday too. Grandma Grete had a great John Deere & Dairy Cow theme (Meg LOVES cows & what little boy doesn't love tractors).

It's love when the older cousins play ring-around-the-rosie with their younger cousins. Daniel and Mercy ADORE Megan and Lauren!

Daddy and Daniel modeling their John Deere t-shirts in honor of the party's theme. Mercy is not to be left out, however. Mercy borrowed one of Daniel's John Deere t-shirts so she could be "like Daniel" (I think her favorite person on the planet these days).

Megan got this adorable cow from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete, in addition to some other treasures.

Daniel got this cozy sweatshirt from one of our favorite places on the planet... Warm Beach Camp. Thanks Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete!

Daniel has listened to this DC SuperFriends book from the cousins and Uncle Stephen and Aunt Kristi for hours. He's also played with his cool cars for hours and hours. Thank you!

Grandma Grete got really creative this year. Daniel had to follow a string through the house, down the stairs...

into the garage...

to discover his present... a really cool SANDBOX!! (Oops, no picture of the actual sandbox. Don't know how I did that.)

Daniel examining his "Star Wars" cupcake. I thought about being ambitious and making his cupcake look like a Storm TrooPer, but decided I might put a lot of work into it and he wouldn't even know what it was I was trying to make. So... we borrowed some of his Lego pieces and called it good.

Cousin Evan confessed to his mom that this was the first time he'd held Gracie. Apparently the girls are always getting turns and not thinking about him. Gracie adores him and gave him lots of smiles. She was doing her best to make sure she was held by him again soon.

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  1. very cute cam... i do want to know where YOUR john deere shirt is. my girls got john deere hats this past summer when we got the mower. (although theirs are pink)