Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Incredible Heros

Ever since Daniel first watched Disney's Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles, he has been little boy obsessed with heros. Batman. Spiderman. Superman. Mr. Incredible. Luke Skywalker dressed up like a StormTrooPer (said with a spitting "P" sound when you are teaching a four year old the difference between a "D" and a "P").

When seeing something new he wants to quickly identify the good guys and the bad guys. We've had lots of conversations about why the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad... the central theme being they don't know Jesus. He recently learned that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's daddy and decided that Darth Vader needed to know Jesus too.

Usually Daniel wants Mercy to be the bad guy, while he plays the hero. But this was one of those rare occasions that he wanted her to dress up like a heroine and join him on his mission. She was eager to join Daniel, her own hero, for now.

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  1. oh that is just too fun. mercy has the greatest expressions. they are such sweeties.