Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleep Training Gracie

I love sleep, probably because I have had so little uninterrupted sleep in the last eight months (I can count the nights on my hands). I wasn't sleep deprived with Daniel or Mercy. I was told by friends and family that I was lucky to have two great sleepers. I disagree.

You see, with the arrival of Gracie I determined I was going to be a much more laid back and easy going mommy. We did not do things the same with Gracie. We did things with Gracie I wouldn't have dreamed of doing with the first two:
  • We took Gracie camping at six weeks, then again at three months;
  • We welcomed Fall with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night obligations, in addition to the obligations I'd committed to on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and we all know weekends are packed full of friends, family, and church
We were the very definition of laid back. Gracie had no schedule. Why in the world did I expect her to go to sleep at 7 p.m. the one night a week (Thursday) that I was able to lay her down as "scheduled"?

I knew better. You see. with Daniel and Mercy I had carefully followed the sleep training* techniques described in the book Babywise. (If you have an infant, GET THE BOOK.) Four nights ago I decided we were right, the book deserved credence, Daniel and Mercy's sleep patterns were much more than luck.

Here's how the sleep training played out with Gracie...
  • Night #1 - Gracie cried for 90 minutes, followed by 10 hours of sleep;
  • Night #2 - Gracie cried for 45 minutes, followed by 6 hours of sleep, a feeding, then 6 more hours of sleep
  • Night #3 - Gracie cried for less than 10 minutes, followed by 11 hours of sleep
  • Night #4 (last night) - no crying, 3 hours of sleep, quick feed (I was still awake), followed by 10 hours of sleep
I don't care if anyone ever calls me inflexible again!

*I was extremely inflexible in Gracie's days during the sleep training too. I woke her up from her naps and fed her on schedule, as well. Read Babywise, if you are interested in the specifics of the technique.


  1. hey, i say do whatever works for you! :) {{even if you are a rigid schedule keeping crazy!}} hee hee. no really, i think it really works for a lot of kids. i wish i had your discipline.

    apparently God knew that i lacked it and gave me sleepers. :)

  2. If you have an infant, DON'T GET THE BOOK. I'm firmly in the anti-Babywise camp. But glad you're getting more sleep! :-)

  3. I'm surprised that you're so anti-Babywise. You are disciplined and orderly, I'd think scheduling your kids would be a high priority for you.