Friday, February 27, 2009

Food & Fellowship

It's amazing to me how many dishes you can get into a standard Kenmore dishwasher and still have them all come out sparkling clean. I can't wash that many dishes and not miss getting the potato scrubbed out between at least a couple of fork prongs.

Last night we tested the maximum capacity of our dishwasher with twelve around our table. It was the first time in too long that we used the table extension for friends, rather than family. We got to meet and get to know a lot better a couple of families who go to our church. We were twelve of over a hundred people from our church who had signed up to get to know others in the Seekers Community through a fellowship dinner hosted in different homes. We spent the evening eating, telling stories, laughing, and getting to know more about each others lives than we learn sitting in church.

I want to do that again! Only regret is that I wish I'd gotten some pictures of the kids playing!

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