Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Sickness and in Health

My mom always heard that breast feed babies are much healthier than formula fed babies. I was a formula baby. I don't remember being sick a lot, but to be fair I don't remember anything before I was about five.

I breast fed Daniel for six months, despite IMMENSE pain. Mostly I wished to please my husband. It was supposed to be SO MUCH BETTER FOR THE BABY! As I spent the first six weeks crying through every nursing session (that's why I couldn't nurse in public), I knew it wasn't better for me. But motherhood wasn't supposed to be easy. I didn't think I was as tough as the good moms. I did the same for Mercy, for four months.

I was pleasantly surprised when I experienced nothing more than a tugging feeling when nursing Gracie. Even an uncomfortable round of thrush didn't compare to the pain I'd experienced with my first two. No wonder very few other moms I talked to had whined about nursing pain, there wasn't any sometimes. At eight months formula had not touched Gracie's precious lips, all because breast fed babies are healthier than formula babies.

So why has Gracie had even more trips to The Everett Clinic than the other two? And I don't want to even go into how many times I've had to call to speak to a Pediatric nurse. They are all too acquainted with my precious little red-heads.

The moral of the story, nurse if you want to, or give them formula. I won't think any less of you if you are shaking up powder in a bottle of water. And I won't think you're Mother Mary if your babies are formula virgins. Either way, I'm certain I will run into you at The Everett Clinic because all kids get sick.

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