Saturday, March 21, 2009

20/80 In Real Life

I experienced a variation on Felton's 20/80 rule yesterday (see earlier post).

My dear mother came over today to watch the kids while I did some deeper cleaner in the master bedroom. I cleaned. I didn't sit and visit and talk about all I was learning about cleaning. I cleaned. As three o'clock drew near I was clearing the bed of the last few things that needed to find homes. I looked around, very satisfied with the order I had achieved. (I'm not taking pictures because we have not yet purchased bedding for our King size bed that we got a year ago. When that happens, then I'll feel like the our room is photographing.)

As I returned to the living room I realized that I had neglected Felton's 30 second rule: If it takes 30 seconds or less, do it right away. (Actually when you have three little children 30 seconds can be a scary long time. A lot can happen somewhere else in 30 seconds). If my DH had walked in right then, he would have wondered what I had done all day while my mom was watching the kids. So, while my mom continued to carry Gracie on her hip (because she was really fussy) and entertained Mercy (who always falls apart about this time because she's transitioning out of taking an afternoon nap) I spent the last 30 minutes doing the daily pick-up and wipe-up throughout the rest of the house.

It's truly about impact, the 20% of the work that has the greatest impact. That last 30 minutes had much bigger impact on my DH than all the work done earlier in the day. But here is the rub, the effort in the bedroom had a bigger impact on me!

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  1. Hey Cami, just found your blog thru your facebook. I enjoyed checking it out and catching up on you :) God has really blessed you, I can see. Isn't He Good?