Friday, March 6, 2009

35 Reasons I Love My Husband - Happy 35th Birthday Eric!

35. He has the kindest eyes I have ever seen. 
34. He is such an excellent provider that I have never ever needed something we couldn't afford to buy.
33. He makes me feel safe.
32. He knows how to make a chocolate mint torte.
31. He knows how to hold his tongue and not saying anything at all if he can't say something nice.
30. He patiently figures out anything on Photoshop that I get frustrated trying to learn.
29. He convincingly told me I was beautiful when I was pregnant with Gracie and weighed over 200 pounds.
28. He's not afraid of physical labor and sometimes wishes we had a farm.
27. He's not afraid to tell me his deepest secrets.
26. He sits and plays Legos with Daniel for hours.
25. He put his passion for running sound on hold to put his family first.
24. He values good-old-fashion hospitality.
23. He has extended family that gets together more in one year than my extended family has gotten together in my whole lifetime, and he doesn't see that as unusual.
22. He believes that the only valid excuse for not being at church on Sunday morning is honestly being sick.
21. He's not afraid to tell me when I'm being bossy and trying to wear the pants in the family.
20. He makes efforts to make me laugh when I'm exhausted from being a mommy.
19. He holds my hand, in public and private.
18. He's an excellent carpenter, willing to make custom pieces for the girls' room.
17. He tells me when I look good in a pair of jeans.
16. He loves to please me.
15. He hates that I drink so much pop, but he doesn't count the bottles in the recycle bin and report on it later.
14. He cooked me dinner on our first date.
13. He encouraged me to start my own graphic design business.
12. He puts up with my need to rearrange the furniture every couple of months, even though he'd rather the couch stay in one place until it's time to buy a new one.
11. He appreciates that I try to avoid piles and clutter build-up in our home.
10. He eats, without complaint, whatever I make for dinner, even when it's bland or doesn't turn out anything like the picture on the recipe.
9. He'll eat the same thing for dinner two or three times, rather than throw out leftovers.
8. He bought us my dream house.
7. He has great wisdom about rearing kids.
6. He is a good teacher.
5. He's conservative in his thinking, planning, saving, and spending.
4. He's willing to eat a lot of pizza and hamburgers because they are what I like.
3. He's not afraid to push me, even if it makes me mad, if it's the best for our family.
2. He looks a little like Toby McGuire in Spiderman, making me feel a little like Kirsten Dunst as M.J.
1. He first loved me.

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