Friday, March 20, 2009

Smart Organizing - Choosing your Top 20%

I'm reading a book by Sandra Felton (aka the organizer lady) called Smart Organizing. I have been on a mission lately to get the tools necessary to order our home. I've been convicted that there is a spiritual element to keeping an orderly house. It isn't merely an issue of taste or preference, it's also an issue of biblical stewardship.

The first thing that jumped out at me was Felton's idea that 80% of the chaos can be eliminated by being only 20% organized. She actually suggests that 100% order is not only unrealistic and unnecessary, but unhealthy. Hmm. She tells a story about a woman whose mother was coming for a visit. She spent time cleaning her oven, rather than time cleaning a half a dozen other things that would have had greater impact. Unfortunately I can relate. I dig into reorganizing a single drawer, rather than making the beds, doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, or picking up the living room. All because when I need to feel like I am organized I can then head to that one drawer and open it up and say, "See, my whole world isn't in chaos!"

So Felton says I need to discover what my 20% is. To do that I took her quiz and ended with the following result:

I want the inside of our home to look beautiful. To me that means I want my personal style to be easily reflected throughout our home. I want to improve all rooms in the central core of the house, excluding the garage, since that is Eric's domain (though if he'd let me at it, I'd like to give it a shot). I want it to look lovely most of the time, but be orderly and work well all the time. I want to make these changes for me and my family. I love how I feel when things are in order. I want my husband to be proud of how I keep our home and I want our children to learn the value of keeping things orderly.

So... we're off to read more of what Felton says the next step is!

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