Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crafts & Art

My son loves Miss Karen, his Sunday School teacher. Daniel is a cautious child and I can only get him to go to Sunday School when he knows Miss Karen will be there (I love you, too, Miss Karen). The other day I asked him what his favorite thing to do in Miss Karen's class was. Without a pause he said, "CRAFTS!" So I pulled out the paints, feeling a little like I didn't want to be out-done by Miss Karen. A little later Daniel told me that I was a good teacher. Feeling a little too cocky (and stupid) I asked, "Am I a better teacher than Miss Karen?" My son didn't respond. I had my answer. I shouldn't have asked. (And, yes, Miss Karen, I still love you!)

I really had thought that the painting project was all about my son. I gave Mercy a brush and paper, too, but was a little surprised when an hour later she was still working on her painting. When I hung it on the refrigerator I had to smile. Her color field painting looked a little like a Rothko or Frankenthaler (two of my favorite artists). 

Purple and Blue no.1

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  1. see! look at how much cheaper this will be!!! not to mention sweeter. i love it.

    i made a project for the review site i'm working for that totally made me think of you. it was using all magazine & junk mail tidbits. it was really fun. made me miss our collage days.