Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Church's New Playground

Mercy is utterly delighted by the "old" playground equipment at our church (WBFMC). I doubt she ever thought that bigger and better was necessary. But she is appreciating the upgrade!

We pulled up to church one Sunday to discover they had put in this fantastic playground. We felt a little out of the loop, having had no idea it was in any grand master plan. Well, last Sunday afternoon Eric was finishing up some work at The Youth Center and so my mom and I brought the kids over to play. Eric was finishing up just as we arrived. It was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't understand why we were the only ones using the playground. Must still be too new for people to think about it being there.

This was after they'd played a while and were tired.

Mercy climbed down "on tummy" at first. Then she got a little too brave on that rock "wall" and slid down, crashing to the bottom. Didn't deter her for long, she was back up within minutes.

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