Monday, June 29, 2009

little Blessings

My aunt and uncle gave this book to one of the kids for Christmas a while back. I remember reading it to Daniel and thinking the book was sweet and reinforced what I was already telling Daniel. Recently I was reading it to Mercy. This time around the impression was much more significant. It is fabulous. It beautifully addresses the questions : What Is God Like? What is Prayer? What about Heaven? and Are Angels Real? Written with simple child-like clarity everything is supported with Scripture. Sometimes I've struggled talking with Mercy about things of the Lord. She isn't as blatantly inquisitive like Daniel and is much more easily distracted. This book held her attention and teaches the doctrine that is so foundational to our faith. If you have a little person in your home, I highly recommend this book. Thank you, Aunt Jessie and Uncle Gary.

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