Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Scrappin'

These layouts were created with the help of papers and elements created by Ashley Bailey of Digital Divas Designs.

This is what Eric did all weekend with his friend Kevin. BIG thank you to Kevin. Eric would never have done it without him. I mean that. He wouldn't have done it. He could have, in more than twice the time, but he wouldn't have had the motivation to actually have gotten it all done. Kevin was a wonderful help. Apparently a french drain was a really big deal to Eric. It has been bugging him since we moved into our place more than five years ago. Kevin was initially roped into a plan to build a shed... when Eric got to planning that was more than he thought they'd be able to pull off in a day. So he came up with an alternate project and one that's been nagging him much longer. Naturally a BIG piece of equipment was still needed to accomplish the new project. (Every man's dream, apparently.)

Me? I watched the kids all weekend :)

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