Tuesday, June 30, 2009


These layouts were created using papers and elements in the "Promise Collection" & "Sweet Sprinkles Kit," both by Shabby Princess & "Citrus Freeze Kit" by Two Peas.

I have a terrible time keeping up with the pictures that I take. I don't think I take all that many pictures. I think part of the problem is that when I sit down to scrap I get overwhelmed with where to start scrappin'. Do I go back to 2006 when I started using digital? Do I pick up after Gracie was born (I scrapped her birth already). Or do I try and finish up 2007, since I have January through October finished. So I end up spending more time looking at pictures and deciding than scrappin'. So last night when I sat down to scrap I decided I would start with the most recent and work backwards. It's more motivating when you get to use pictures you just took. I had lots to choose from. Eric had a major outdoor project this weekend which involved moving a lot of dirt. Hopefully I'll get to scrapping those pictures later this week.

I chose these ones of the girls. Then I pulled a couple of sketches from the great website Pencil Lines and came up with these layouts.

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