Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue Family Vacation in Fall City

Right before we left Mom wanted to get a picture of all six grandkids in the boat. Gracie and Daniel refused to cooperate. Should have done it very first things when we arrived on Saturday. Maybe at Family Camp...

As you can see, Gracie was fine as long as she was not IN the boat.

Every year we've celebrated mine and Kristi's birthdays at the river. Dad and Mom got us spa treatments. A pedicure for me and a facial for Kristi. I'm trying to talk my friend Linda into going with me.

Love this sweet picture of my niece Lauren.

Daniel went down the river in this boat with Daddy. He had a blast. It was a first for him. This was a week of first things. He's very brave. I'm so proud of him.

Gracie thought she was in heaven. Every nap was in Grandma Grete's arms.

Daniel got his boots stuck in the mud. Such a boy thing to do. He loved it. Lauren, Megan, and Evan all rescued him.

Megan was making sand castles, beautifully.

Bubbles. Bubbles. Bubbles. Mercy, in particular, loved the bubbles. She and gracie were soaked with soapy water an hour into our day. Gracie was loving sticking her hand in the bubbles and tasting the suds. She loved being able to do what her big sister was doing.

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