Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chore Charts & Chore Tickets

My two oldest kids have a quiet time in their room every day. Often at the end of quiet time it looks like a thief broke in and ransacked the room in hopes of finding valuables hidden in the dress up clothes, Leapfrog cartridges, or Legos. They aren't allowed to get up until their stuff is picked up and returned to their designated homes.

Sometimes they have trouble remember where everything is supposed to go. (At least that's the excuse.) And 9 times out of 10 Daniel does 95% of the picking up while Mercy sprawls out on the floor, complaining she needs help.

I needed a solution...

First I helped them pick everything up and put it exactly where I wanted it to go. Then I took pictures. Then I took those pictures and put them on a chore chart for each of them, giving them their own responsibilities. My kids are highly motivated by chore tickets, which are the equivalent of cash to spend at Target on the things they want but don't need (read TOYS). So, they will receive one chore ticket for completed chores at the end of quiet time. They will lose a chore ticket if it is not still picked up at bedtime.

We'll see how it works.


  1. Great idea! Thanks! I will have to implement that in the near future. How do chore tickets translate? one ticket=1 toy or so many $ or ???
    I love it, thanks!

  2. Right now each chore ticket is worth 50 cents. Then they can shop at Target. It cuts down on the asking for stuff at the store because the answer is ALWAYS the same, "You could save up chore tickets and buy it if you really want it."