Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't have a lot of pictures of all three kids. I was looking at some pictures my friend (and second cousin) Kim had posted on facebook and I realized that she had a whole lot of great pictures of her three kids. They aren't all that different in ages from mine. If she can do it, I sure should try. Well, here is one of the few that I have. I'll make it my goal in the next week to get at least one more good sibling shot.

The afternoon that Gracie got in the Cozy Coup for the first time was precious. She wasn't walking yet, but she could cruise around the vehicle like such a big girl. She'd climb in. Climb out. Honk the horn. Grin. Giggle. Open the door. Close it. Just good fun in the sun like the big kids.

Layout created with the help of papers and elements created by Ashley Bailey of Digital Divas Designs and papers & embellishments from the Promise Collection from Shabby Princess.

I think I wrote about our neighbor helping us get out the most stubborn stump in the world. Stephen, Eric's brother, and Evan, his nephew spent a whole day digging and doing everything in their power to extract that stump. It ended up taking our good neighbor's tractor (and a couple more hours) to pull it out. Now Eric has room for a shed.

This layout was created with the help of papers and embellishments in the Brown Polka Dot Kit by Rhonda Farrer.

I love, love, love these photos of Gracie. I had pulled her out of the tub. She'd been playing with Daniel and Mercy (which is her favorite thing to do). She was so not ready to be done and would have climbed over the side of the tub if she could have figured out how. (I decided not to share the uncensored version.)

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