Monday, October 26, 2009

Enough Time

I just had a crazy weekend. The word "overcommitted" came to mind a lot as I went from one obligation to the next hurried and rushed. I thought about accomplishing the next thing on my list before I was finished with what I was doing. I didn't enjoy a single moment because my gut was twisting about getting the next thing done in time. There just wasn't enough time to do it all and be nice.

Not a good way to live.

One of my commitments ahead is giving devotions for our MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group. As I've been thinking ahead to tomorrow morning I keep thinking about something a former boss and mentor told me my dad had told her thirty years ago that she has had to keep in front of her all these years. "There are enough hours in every day to do the complete will of God."

How would that transform my life if I really believed it? I started thinking about time. When I went to the Bible I fell back to the Ecclesiastes passage that we're familiar with because of the Beatles song about time. But I read a little further in the third chapter and was struck by the realization that God's gift is about happiness and satisfaction in our work. For me that means everything that I do, including being a wife and mommy.

If there is enough time in every day to do what God wants us to do, then why do I feel frazzled? I know God doesn't want me to feel like this because I end up being short with my husband and children. Hmm. Could it be that I am doing more than what God wills me to do in a day?

The first thing I want to do is eliminate a commitment. I think, "Maybe God didn't want me to commit to doing devotions at MOPS this week." Hmm. Maybe. But I don't think so. Maybe God didn't want me to agree to watching a friend's kids so that she could sit through a meeting without trying to entertain a three year old and shush a 16 month old. Maybe. But I don't think so. Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to have a get together to make treats for our pastors. Maybe. But I don't think so.

How often do we take a commitment to the next level because we we are doing image management. Allow me to explain by example.

When I get up to do my devotions why do I spend any time worrying that the ladies won't think I'm a good speaker, a great mom, fabulous wife, and I have it all together when it comes to my spiritual life? When I have my friend drop her kids off why do I rush around the house and make sure my kitchen is spotless and that it looks like my house is always picked up and neat? When I package up the treats for the pastors why do I have to design cute labels and recipe cards to go with the treats?

How often are the extras in my commitments really the reason I don't have enough time to do what God has asked me to do? Maybe I need to be satisfied doing only what God has called me to do instead of insisting on doing what I want to do to make myself look good.

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