Friday, October 16, 2009

Garage Projects

I've read (in Dobson's Bringing Up Boys) that a daddy's role becomes especially significant in a little boys life around four or five when he starts to identify with Dad. He realizes he's different from Mom, he's like Dad. I can see Daniel is in this stage. He delights in every opportunity to do stuff with Dad in the garage. Eric is amazingly patient. (Unlike me, as evidenced in my frustration over projects still "not yet completed" in the garage.) When Eric was working on Mercy's birthday project (which is now going to be a Christmas present because it is still "not yet completed") he allowed Daniel to "help". Daniel felt so honored and such a big kid. Eric gave him his own wood to measure and make pencil marks on. I'm thankful Daniel's daddy is patient, even if I'm not.

This layout was created using papers and embellishments from the Sew Scraps Kit by Rhonna Farrer available at

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