Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dangerous Thought

This layout was done using papers and embellishments from the kit Urban Kiwi by Shabby Princess.

I was trying to clean up and organize all my scrapbooking files on my external hard drive yesterday. I came across one of the first digital scrapbook pages I ever tried. It was plain, but the photos I'd scanned (pre-digital) were great. So I decided to spice it up a bit. The photos were taken a few days before I gave birth to my first child, Daniel, who is now quickly approaching five.

I had a dangerous urge to go back and redo all the old scrapbook pages I'd done before going digital.

I love to organize, but I'm a flawed perfectionist. I like to redo everything if I think I have a better solution, even when it's a crazy amount of work. I end up with way too many partially completed projects. (That would be perfect if I just got them finished before I cam up with a better way to do it.) My latest "best solution" came after making Christmas gifts for the grandmas last year. We had photo books printed of pictures of the kids taken over the year. I dream about having all the scrapbook pages from each year of the kids' lives in their own 12" x 12" book.

Maybe I should just catch up on scrappin' the pictures from this year first. Then we'll do last year and try and work our way back, meanwhile staying caught up...

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