Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip (Last May)

This layout was created using papers and embellishments by Shabby Princess in the Promise Collection kit.

I love how these turned out, just like our time away from the kids. We had been looking forward to our "week away" for more than a year. Our five year anniversary had been the year before and we decided not to do anything because I was eight months pregnant. We decided we would wait and get away for a WHOLE week the following anniversary. So our week was a year in the making. My parents took the youngest, who wasn't even one yet. Eric's dear parents took the other two. We talked about cruises, Disney, Alaska. We finally landed on staying home and doing day trips. It was fabulous! We didn't answer the phone. We watched movies in the living room with the volume really loud. We went to a Third Day concert in Redmond (wish we'd had pictures). We spent a day in Friday Harbor. We picked out new bedding for the master bedroom. We did chores around the house without interruption. And when the week was over we were eager to see our children again.

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