Friday, December 25, 2009

Cook Family Christmas

Daniel and Mercy were so excited. Just before we jumped into the gifts they posed for the camera.

We did our best to get Gracie to participate. She tried. It's almost impossible to get all the kids to look in the same direction at the same time. Oh well.

Gracie was asking Uncle Andy to please open her DVD for her. She is not dumb, she knew who to ask. I love this sweet picture.

My mom found paper dolls for Mercy. I played with paper dolls as a kid, for hours and hours and hours. You just don't find them as easily as you once could. Mom has been looking for a family, but it seems these days all you can find is Barbie type ones.

Speaking of Barbies... My dad made me a doll house for Christmas when I was three and a half. Well, he made this amazing doll house for Mercy (yes, she, too is three and a half) and Gracie. They LOVE it! Who wouldn't? I tried to play with Mercy last night and she said I wasn't allowed. Guess we need to practice sharing because I want to play Barbies!

And we ended our evening at Papa and Grandma Cook's with a birthday cake for Jesus. We sang and the kids all helped Jesus blow out the candles. It was a perfect afternoon and evening!

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  1. i love all of the pics, but especially the one with andy and gracie.