Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daniel's Wish List

With Daniel's birthday and Christmas so close together it seems we are inundated with wishes for the upcoming parties. I try to get Daniel to tell me what he most wants. Sometimes that helps and sometimes it worries me that he's going to think he will receive everything he is hoping for. Some of Daniel's current favorites are the same as a lot of boys his age. They include:
Maybe this is more for the family, but a second one of these for the Wii would mean that Daddy and Daniel could play Star Wars Wii together. Maybe I should put that on Eric's Wish List.
Legos are my personal favorite choice. They take up very little space and provide hours upon hours upon hours of play time! He currently is looking longingly at The Agents Legos and The Space Police Legos.

Spy Gear is something that walks hand in hand with Daniel's undying desire to be a super hero when he grows up. Recently he saw some night vision goggles in a magazine that Grandma Grete brought and thought that could make him like Superman!

Daniel plays Wii more than anyone else in the family. He has Lego Star Wars. He thinks he wants Indiana Jones, too. I'm not sure if we want him to have it yet. But there is no question that when he sees it he looks longingly at it.
I don't know that Daniel really knows about action figures yet. He loves to build ships out of his Legos. I think that if he had some of the action figures it might encourage even more imaginative play. Maybe I am just hanging onto fond memories of watching my brother play with his Star Wars  & G.I. Joe action figures.
Daniel is longing for this mask, almost as much as the Clone Trooper one he saw at Christmas last year. I definitely do NOT want him to have it. It makes noise, transforming his voice. That would get old really fast in our house.

It'll be interesting to see what we end up wrapping up and putting under the tree. Daniel doesn't seem to be shy in giving us plenty of options that would please him!

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