Monday, December 21, 2009

First Christmas Letter Ever

Every year my husband has mentioned that it would be nice if "we" wanted to do Christmas cards and letters. He has never pushed beyond mentioning it because he knows that "we" means me. The family members on his mom's side are always on top of the Christmas card and current photo of the kids, which is why it's on his radar. My grandparents (and sometimes my parents, though I don't always get a copy) are the only ones on my side of the family that I receive a Christmas letter from, so it isn't on my radar. Growing up a missionary kid there was also a certain stigma attached to the "form letter" and I wasn't itching to jump on the bandwagon.

This year, our seventh Christmas married, it seemed about time. Besides now we have three cute kids of which I have oodles of pictures that I love to share. So I've been compiling lists with addresses, which I should have done before I ordered the photo cards, because I'm running out of cards and I still have lots more addresses. Hmm. Who knew we had so many friends and family! :)

Our blessings from the Lord have been lavish this year. We trust yours have been, as well.

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