Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favorite Room in the House

This past October we hit our sixth year anniversary of when we bought our house. We have now lived in this house longer than I have ever lived anywhere in my life. I married a man who is quite content living in the same place his whole life, so we many never move again.

I finally decided that it was time to deal with our bedroom, the room in the house that has received ZERO attention. I hated walking in there. For that reason I have NO before pictures. Sorry.

For our sixth anniversary (last April) I told Eric I'd rather buy new bedding for our room than go spend a few nights away. So we did. I found stuff I loved at Target. I had to work around a print of a ship that looks like it's capsizing because Eric had seen in once and fallen in love with it. (We spent more on the print than we did on the entire bedding set, including the sheets!)

We got these drapes at Target too. They do a great job at blocking out the sunlight. I love them. They are a heavy almost velvety texture. In the picture you see Eric's dresser, which is always collecting "stuff". He saves every magazine, thinking he will have time to read them eventually (maybe when he retires in 30 years). I couldn't find magazine holders that I liked, so I made some. What you see is constructed from cardboard and wrapping paper. Silly. But it works and is incredibly cheap ($3.99 for the whole roll of wrapping paper and I used Pull-up boxes for the cardboard). Then I have some junk boxes for him to fill to his heart's delight (3 for $5 at Michaels).

And yes, those are animal horns. I love my husband and he is proud of them. I wish we had a "man room" for him to put them in, but we don't and may not ever. I guess they are supposed to be pretty good size... I am not a good judge. They just look like horns to me.

I had a wicker rocker that my parents bought for me just before Daniel was born. I loved it. I had imagined nursing Daniel in his bedroom, using this very rocker. Well, I didn't realize that nursing is terribly awkward and in my case, not easily done and the rocker didn't work well for that purpose. Still, I'd picked out the rocking chair and loved it. (I think it reminded me of home. My mom had wicker furniture when we lived in Haiti.) I wanted a chair in our bedroom and thought this might work... except it was the wrong color (a "natural" yellow brown). So I decided to get a few cans of spray paint and give the chair a new look. LOVE it! (Spray paint was $4 a can, it took 3 cans; pillow was $7.99 at Marshalls; off-white cushion was free from my mom.)

And finally... This is my favorite thing about the room. For as long as I can remember I have wanted big pictures of the kids in our bedroom. I have been talking about doing this forever. Thanksgiving Day Michaels had a big sale. I bought nine frames (less than $3.50 each). Then I picked out nine of my favorite pictures, converted them to black and white. I printed them at Costco where I was able to get three done for $4.99 when I set them up in 12" x 36" files (I love Costco). Then my beloved husband, with the help of three very adorable children, hung my pictures.

Now, sometimes I go into our bedroom, sit in my rocking chair, look at the wall and just smile.

Life is good.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments!

    Your room looks great. I love your magazine idea, my hubby is the same way-I never thought to get some holders for him. That beats the piles!

  2. I just hopped on this post from a previous one . . . I love what you did with this room! And the magazine holders is such a great idea- they're so expensive in the store! Love the photo collage- has been on my to-do list forever, maybe now that I see how cool yours turned out I'll get around to it!