Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Do Lists

It's that time of the year when To Do Lists are  the only way I survive. But I'm kind of a list girl to start with. I love to put things on my list that I already completed, just so that I can put a big red "X" next to the item. Silly, but true. I just read somewhere (unfortunately I cannot remember where) that you shouldn't have more than seven items on your to do list or it can be too overwhelming. When I get overwhelmed it is way too easy to just shut down, get on FB and accomplish absolutely NOTHING. I just counted the number of things for ME to accomplish on my list and I am still under the seven threshold, so hopefully today will be a day filled with accomplishment.

What's on your list to get done today?

1 comment:

  1. Love this post. I read 5 things but my daily post it has 8 - which I can never get all done unless they are small things. I have a master to do list with about 40 things on it and then I pick the top 5-7 things to work on each day from that. I rewrite my big one every week or so.