Friday, January 15, 2010

In Light of Haiti

I spent ten years in Haiti. It was a very long time ago. This week with the earthquake and the aftershocks and the very closeness brought through FaceBook friends, it feels much nearer than it did last week.

My five year old son, after a special time of prayer at our church for those who died, had many questions.

"Mommy, did children die, too."

"Yes, sweetheart, some children did die. Many were okay, though."

"Mommy, did they go to Heaven?"

"Yes, if they knew Jesus."

"I know Jesus. Mercy, do you know Jesus?"

"Yes," came the distracted reply from the other car seat way in the back of the van.

"Mommy, what about Gracie? What would happen to Gracie if she died."

"Honey, Gracie is too young to ask Jesus into her heart. But, if she were to die she would go to Heaven, too." Gracie is just 19 months old.

"But Mommy, what if we didn't die too, who would take care of her?"

"Jesus would take very good care of Gracie."

"I wonder what kind of toys he has there for her to play with."

In light of eternity...

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  1. he is one amazing boy. the girls and i have been praying for haiti, too. love to you & those sweet babies.