Sunday, January 3, 2010

Intentional Living

A new year, a new resolution?

I want to be more intentional in 2010 about how I am using the resources God has given me.


How can I save without sacrificing quality? Where should I lavish my resources, receiving the most significant return on my eternal investment? How do the small choices I make every day honor (or dishonor) God's graciousness to me and my family? What are the time wasters in my life?

I want 2010 to be about intentional living.


  1. Hi Cam, Do you listen to Randy Carlson on AM 630 at 1:00 weekdays? I assume you do because it is all about intentional living. If you don't already, I think you'd enjoy the challenge -- and help -- he gives daily to people to live intentionally. God bless you int his endeavor!

  2. Thanks, Ginger. I did stumble on Dr. Carlson's stuff. It's great, I can listen online. Much better way to be spending my time while I update my blog :) Thank you for the encouragement.