Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learning to Write

Daniel has been so eager to learn to read. His memory is phenomenal. After I've read him a book once or twice he can "read" it back to me verbatim. He then tells relatives he can read. He can't. I can't teach him.

I never learned phonics. When I was learning to read sight reading was all the rage. Whenever I come across new words I stumble terribly, unable to sound things out, but look for familiar mini-words within the large ones. I've gotten along just fine and haven't really felt handicapped until now, faced with a little guy who is eager to absorb all the learning I have to offer.

Needless to say, I don't plan on home schooling. I have more faith in the public school system than I have in myself.

But, before he puts on his backpack and waits for his first school bus next fall, there is plenty I do have to offer him.

I've been told my penmanship is excellent (like a teacher's). So I don't fear teaching my son to write. Today we had a fun writing lesson. After going over a few letters Daniel took over the lesson, choosing the words he wanted to write: bat, spaceship, Lego, "droid" (android)...

Mercy practiced writing "A". She did A-mazingly well!

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