Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Christmas Holidays - Part 1 (Decorating & Tradition)

We decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Simply. I don't like a lot of stuff around. And I don't like to store a lot of stuff. We don't have a live tree, mostly because I worry I would kill it before Christmas. Plus, with three little kids, it just seems like a lot of work. For those who love the tradition of cutting the tree down, you don't understand. But I grew up in the Caribbean, many of the "traditions" we didn't grow up doing. To some that might seem sad, to me it is merely freeing. We get to pick the things we as a family like to do the best.

We tried doing Gingerbread houses for the first time this year. The kids loved it and did a terrific job of keeping the candy out of their mouths. I think this will be something we do again next year, too.

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