Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Christmas Holidays - Part 4 (Gifts & Food, Food, & Gifts)

The one thing I obsessed this holiday season was getting the girls' Christmas gifts done. I wanted the sink & stove combo and the refrigerator completed (paint and all) under the tree Christmas morning. The last three days before Christmas seemed to revolve around what coat of primer or paint we were on. The end product was so much lovelier than I had hoped for. We do still have finishing to do on the stovetop because I was unsettled on exactly what I wanted. Other than that, they were complete and the girls were able to play with them immediately, which they did.

Since my parents moved back to Washington, Christmas Eve we have celebrated at their place. We have Christmas dinner mid-afternoon, unwrap gifts, have birthday cake celebrating Jesus' birth, then head to the Christmas Eve service at our church. This year we got to light one of the advent candles as a family. So I had to get the girls changed into their Christmas dresses right before we headed over. (Couldn't risk the possibility of pink frosting down the front of the girls' dresses.) Somehow I forgot to get a family picture of us all dressed up. A shame, since we don't do it too often.

Christmas morning is spent at home, just the five of us. The kids opened their "stockings," which this year were these adorable backpacks that my brother made. Their new pajamas were tucked inside, along with some twistable crayons. Then the kids opened their gifts to each other. Christmas breakfast was homemade cinnamon rolls with our eggs, bacon, fruit, and juice.

In the afternoon we head to Eric's family Christmas. My father-in-law makes sure that the Christmas story is read before a "Santa's helper" is selected to start on the gift distribution.

This is one of Mercy's Christmas presents from Grandpa Bill & Grandma Grete. Isn't it adorable! Too bad we don't have enough floor space to keep it up all the time.

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