Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Regret is a dangerous thing. It can be utterly incapacitating. And it can sneak up with a lot of good thoughts.

Thoughts of an old friend have surfaced over the past few weeks. With those thoughts a whole host of memories and regrets I thought I had dealt with popped again too. Sunday our pastor stirred the waters further with some convicting words. It can be so difficult to look at your failures.

My hubby, my level-headed sounding board, listened to me spill out my heart pain a couple of nights ago. I confided my struggle to distinguish between the Holy Spirit's conviction and the devil's attempts at incapacitation. My dear husband asked, "Is there anything that you can do to right the regrets? If so, do it. {That's the Holy Spirit.} If not, you need to let it go and stop thinking about it." Simple wisdom.

Is their regret you are holding onto today that you need to do something about? Or do you need to let it go and walk away?


  1. Camilla!
    I just found your blog through Kim's. Your words are profound...I have learned that where the Holy Spirit convicts it is out of love or drawing me to a "higher" place, where Satan leaves a mark of shame. This is an area where I am asking God to teach me more right now too!
    Glad to reconnect a bit :)
    Shannon Mimller

  2. Shannon, thanks for stopping by. Good to know that the Lord pulls threads of common themes through our lives. This is one that He seems to concentrate on from time to time for me. Trust you are doing well. Do you have a blog? It seems like you do and I was there once, but it was before I knew how to follow and get updates automatically.