Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Sweet Mercy

This layout was created using papers & embellishments from

In 2009 I concentrated on scrapping through all my pictures chronologically. I loved the sense of order and completion that it gave me. (I'm not done with the whole year, but I'm getting there.) But I hated how I felt like I couldn't mix up my favorite pictures and pick themes that simply highlighted what I loved about each of my kids. There was a little less passion in the process. This morning I was inspired to go back in and pick some of my favorite pictures of my Mercy. (These all happen to be hanging on my bedroom wall, too.) I love how this turned out and I think it's my favorite page in a very, very long time.

This is how I feel about my sweet sweet Mercy.


  1. Hi Camilla,
    Just wanted to say I popped over to your blog this morning after you left a comment on my blog. Lovely blog, by the way.... and I would love to share some sunshine with you. Wouldn't we be quite the sight at the park if we got together for a play date with our 7 red-headed children?!
    Hoping for a sunny weekend for you,

  2. I did manage to get outside with the three kids, Wendy. We were only out for an hour and a half, but it sure felt good. Sunshine therapy is the best kind! By the way, your kids are such cuties. I know I am partial to red-heads!