Thursday, February 25, 2010

Uncles & Animals

If you ask Gracie there are few things in life as wonderful as uncles and animals. Last weekend she got a little of both.
Studying the fish in the aquarium with Uncle Stephen.
Giving and receiving love from the cousins' dog "A-war-wah."

Playing Legos with Uncle Andy.

Life is sweet.


  1. I stumbled onto your blog when I searched for other blogs whose favorite music was Over the Rhine. I, too, am a Christian and dedicated wife (not a mother yet). I skimmed a little and read that you gave your child a cake for his spiritual birthday.. that's so cool! I hope you don't mind if I become a follower.


  2. Elizabeth, would love it if you followed my blog. I truly love Over the Rhine. I admit my favorite stuff, however, is Linford's instrumental stuff. Amazing. Love it.