Sunday, March 28, 2010

I didn't get a sister. I got a brother. Just one.

I didn't get a sister. I got a brother. Just one.

I couldn't be more fortunate.

My big brother invited me to go to for a coffee with him this last week. Starbucks. Then we sat in the Target parking lot and talked. I mean he listened.

I think my brother is rare. He knows how to ask good questions. He knows how to listen well. He's really great at helping me to sort out my thoughts and even creating methods for a plan of action. The plan of action element is relatively new for him. It reminds me of our dad. Our dad has already been really great at giving you a tangible way to come to a logical decision based on lists and priorities, pros and cons. It's fun to see this side of my brother developing.

The coffee was good. But the conversation was even better.

We eventually made it into Target and back home.

We sat in my driveway for a while and it was my turn to listen.

I don't know how long my brother will be living in the same town as me, these last few months have been the first time since high school that we've lived close to each other. I love coffee and company with my brother.

Who do you love coffee and company with?

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