Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Jacket & Sweater Solution

We live in the Pacific Northwest. Translation: Sweatshirts or sweaters are required on children all year round. No big deal. Just life.

One of my least favorite things is hanging up everybody's coats when they come inside. Sometimes they end up on the back of the living room couch (where they have been required to put them since they are too short to hang them in the coat closet themselves) until the next time we go out.  I needed a solution.
I was helping a friend move recently and she was setting up her girls' rooms. She found these adorable wall hooks for their bedrooms at Target. (I love the dollar bargains at Target too much and really have to be careful not to look every time I'm there.) Well, I just had to get two for my girls. (They were $2.50 each, not $1.00, but in the same place as their dollar deals.)

I got my dear hubby to hang the hooks. (He doesn't let me hang anything because I don't know how to use a level properly and he can't handle anything but perfection when it involves nails in the wall. So I gladly let him do it.) Then I printed off the girls names in my favorite font. I grabbed transfer paper that I had on hand and traced their names on the wall directly above their corresponding hooks. Then I painted their names with black paint.

I think they turned out super cute. The girls LOVE to hang up their own sweatshirts and sweaters because they can do it without assistance. Easy.


  1. LOVE this idea! We're moving Gracie to her big girl room this summer and I'd love to have that for her. I need to find my way to target soon! (we live in the boonies! )

  2. Shannon, the boonies are good. We used to and then stuff started "getting closer" to us. Now there is a Target ten minutes away, instead of half an hour.