Friday, March 5, 2010

Legos & Kindergarten

Yesterday was an amazingly big day. Eric and I took our five year old, Daniel, to his Kindergarten Readiness Meeting. It has been on the calendar for weeks and he has been counting down the days. I think not indulging in preschool has built up this incredible anticipation of kindergarten. Last night at the dinner table he said he didn't feel good. He went back to bed, not eating more than three bites of his cheeseburger (his favorite). He has a lot of his dad and mom in him. Nerves were doing a number on his mind and tummy.

I cleaned up the dinner dishes and headed back to check on him. Curled up. Asleep. Papa and Grandma Cook and Uncle Andy arrived to watch the girls. I warned them not to mention the meeting because he was so uptight. We headed out.

Like the experts they are, the principal and kindergarten teachers did a great job at putting Daniel at ease. We got to see a slide show of pictures, all kids having a blast. I had to look at the ceiling to keep my eyes from tearing up a couple of times. Then they had a question and answer time. Daniel wanted to know if they had Legos in Kindergarten, the kind like he has, the real ones, not the Duplos. Important stuff.

Then we got to go talk to a bus driver. And really the best part of planning for kindergarten the anticipation of getting to ride the bus! Then we got to tour a couple of classrooms. We walked into Mrs. Buck's classroom. Yes, Mrs. Buck, MY kindergarten teacher. She's retiring, I'm told. Good thing, I'm 36 and she wasn't fresh out of school when I had her.

We ran to the store and let Daniel pick out a dessert treat (extra special since he didn't eat all his dinner and he NEVER gets dessert without eating all his dinner) to share with the family. At home Uncle Andy rewarded him with the coolest thing ever, an Atlantis Lego set. Just a little something special marking the big day. Apparently Uncle Andy knows just how important Legos are to this five year old.

I am not ready for this!


  1. Oh Cami!
    Kindergarten is such a big move! I totally lost it when Ravenna had her first day! She loves it SO much and has just blossomed there. Parker has a quickly growing lego obsession...he just got his first "real lego" firetruck and it is all he can talk about.

  2. Oh hang Cami - you are going to make it through. There are still days when I drop Wyatt off and watch him walk to the door and I get teary... Kindergarten... oh ... what's next??? I am so glad we get to be moms together!