Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Girlies

Back before I had kids my best friend had two girls. She'd dress them alike (still does). I thought it was silly. I never imagined that I too would be prone... I am. If my dear husband was a little more liberal with the clothing budget, I would be sliding down an awfully slippery slope. I guess that mean I'm thanking him for his frugal tendencies. Even more than identical outfits, however, I love to coordinate their outfits. Recently JC Pennys was clearing out this cute line of clothes with stripes and owls. (Each piece was LESS than $2!!) My mom cringes every time I dress the girls with a print AND stripes. But I LOVE it.

What I really LOVE is when I catch them loving on each other.

I caught a few pictures a couple of days ago when they were coordinating... it's hard to get them dressed alike now that they are BOTH so opinionated about their attire.

Have I ever mentioned my weakness for toes? I don't think I ever change a diaper or Pull-up with munching on some cute little toes. So I'm trying to remember to take pictures of their little feet as they grow. Mercy is size 8 and Gracie is size 6 these days... she's catching up.

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