Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Star Wars Party - The Action

I had a whole list of games planned for Daniel's Star Wars Party. But as the kids started to arrive I knew that the game list was going to have to be tossed out the window. There just wasn't enough room to corral 16+ kids (ages 6 and under) for a bunch of games.

But it didn't seem to matter. This is how it went:
Put out the party balloon (thanks Papa & Grandma Cook) to mark the party place since some of the parents hadn't been to our place yet.
Eric went out and directed the parking of the cars. He used to volunteer parking cars at The Lights of Christmas, so for him this was no big deal.
Then kids and adults arrived.
There was unstructured time as people arrived. Once it looked like everyone was there we served lunch. There were seats for the kids at the table. We had little individual cheese and pepperoni pizzas (a.k.a Galactic Pizza). We also offered carrots (I don't know how many kids actually ate them, but I made sure my kids did.) We also had finger jell-o in the shape of stars.
While the kids were eating some of the adults helped to hide "astroids" (candy wrapped in aluminum foil to look like astroids or rocks). When the kids were done eating we did our one and only game: Astroid Hunt. I had two glass jars. It was girls against boys and the team to fill the jars full of astroids first won. No prizes. But everyone ended up with some "astroids" in their goodie bag. So I guess everyone won.
Then it was time to dive into the gifts. This was followed by cake (see earlier post for pictures of the super easy, but cool cake).
The remainder of the time was unstructured play time. This only worked because there were so many adults/moms. There was at least one parent in each room of the house. I had several "stations" set up. There was a dollhouse in the girls' room, cars in Daniel's room, a kitchen set up in the living room. As you can see, Mercy's cousin M helped with the dishes and clean up at the end of the party. Isn't family the best?!

But the party isn't over until the kiddos walk away with their own goodie bags. Come back to see how I was able to put together an inexpensive, but fun goodie bag for each of Daniel's friends. And if you are planning a Star Wars party of your own, you might want to see the invitations we made here.

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