Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Star Wars Party - Coloring Book Tutorial

I made these coloring books for Daniel's Star Wars Birthday Party. They were tucked in the goodie bags that we sent home with the kids. They were really easy.
Here is the easy tutorial:

Let's do the guts of your coloring book first.

1.) Decide on your theme & find coloring sheets online that you like. I used coloring sheets found here and here. Select as many images as you want. Choose a number divisible by eight. Decide whether you want a separate image for the cover or if you want to use one of the images you used inside.

2.) In your layout program divide your sheet into four equal parts. Place your coloring sheets in each of the four quadrants, resizing to fit. **Remember to account for appropriate margins. Remember to center your artwork from the outer edge of the page (not the margin, if you have margins in your program) to the center of your standard sheet.

3.) Now print your pages.

Option #1: Print them right off your printer, back to back, your first sheet of four to the back of your second sheet of four and so on.

Option #2: Print masters off your computer and then photocopy your sheets back to back in the same manner as in the first option.

4.) Cut your pages apart, to measure 8.5" x 5.5". Stack in like pages to collate later.

Now let's work on the cover.

1.) Download any special fonts you want. You can download a great Star Wars font here.

2.) Using the right quarter of your page, layout the way you want it to look. Be sure to give credit for where you found your coloring sheets. Personalize however you want.

3.) Duplicate your design on the lower half of the page.

4.) YES, the left side of your sheet should be blank, unless you want to put something on the very BACK of your coloring book.

5.) Go ahead and print.

**NOTE: If you want to have a coloring page on the left hand page when you open the coloring book, and on the very last page, then you need to set up a page that has two designs (one on the left quarter and one on the right), then duplicate the images on the bottom half of the paper. Then you will print this sheet back to back with your cover.

Now let's collate our pages.

1.) Stack your sheets in the order you wish, with the cover sheet on top.

2.) Fold in half.

3.) Open up. Using a stapler, staple the pages together at the fold.

4.) Trim edges if desired.

Tip: These are the PERFECT size to tuck in the diaper bag or purse with a small pack of crayons. It's gotten me through longer than expected car rides, extra long church services, and waiting for food at less kid friendly restaurants! Enjoy!

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