Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Star Wars Party - The Decorations

Before planning the decorations for Daniel's Star Wars party I did a lot of online research. Oh my! Some of the elaborate parties are crazy! Full blown costumes. Life size figures. That wasn't going to work. I prefer the simple, do a few things well approach. Plus, Daniel is five. His idea of a Star Wars party is having Star Wars plates and getting Star Wars Legos, so I didn't have to worry too much about him not being happy.

I had to wait to shop until everyone had a chance to RSVP to our invitation (posted here) so that I had a better idea of how many kids to expect. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when ALL the kids except two (who were sick) were able to come. That meant seating for 16 kids! (That didn't include parents and a few toddlers that came with older siblings!)
The first thing I did was call the parents and the in-laws to borrow chairs! Then I had Eric pull out the table extension he built me a few years ago. Then I wrapped the table with black craft paper. I hadn't bought quite enough (poor planning, I know) and it was close to midnight when I was setting up for the party, so I had to improvise.I had a roll of blue and a roll of orange. Eric said the orange looked too much like Halloween. He was right, so I used a strip of blue around the middle. Then we used Daniel's Lego Tie Fighter as a center piece. It looked a little dwarfed in the middle of the long table. I'd wanted to suspend it from the ceiling, but it didn't happen. You could try it at your party. I still think it's a very cool idea, we just ran out of steam.
Party City was where I purchased the plates (which are actually 3-D, but we didn't bother with the 3-D glasses). I had the blue napkins leftover from something else. The fun plastic glasses and twisty straws also came from Party City and I hoped they would make our Yoda Soda (see below) even more fun. Plus the kids could take home their cups and straws in their goodie bags.

The cake couldn't have been easier. I ordered a sheet cake from Costco (don't you just love Costco). I just had them write "Happy Birthday Daniel" on the bottom in blue. Then we purchased the snow scene Star Wars Lego set to place on top ($25). Eric put that together the night before. It was the birthday gift from the girls to Daniel. I love it when gifts can double as decorations!
But the best part of the party was the Yoda Soda. This is truly what got my hubby on board with the whole party planning thing (he actually went shopping for the decorations with me). Mention dry ice and what man doesn't want to be involved? The Yoda Soda itself was nothing more than lime sherbert with ginger ale. It was the dry ice that made it the coolest beverage ever! I'll admit, the parents were more impressed with this than the kiddos. Dry ice is super cheap (available at most grocery stores, we got ours at QFC), but you need to make sure it is handled properly or it's dangerous, so make sure you look up safe handling information before you use it!

Party planned. Come back tomorrow to see the party in action. Kids. Kids. And a few more kids. Some game ideas and much more.

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