Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Star Wars Party - Goodie Bags & Thank You Notes

Our party planning would not have been complete if I had forgotten the goodie bags. When you are five it is really fun if you get to take a goodie bag of your own home. I'm a big fan of my kids learning that they don't get something every time somebody else does, but a birthday party is not really my time to impose that on someone else's kid. Plus, this is a way to teach my kids how fun it is to show our guests how glad we were that they could make it to our party. Whatever side you stand on the whole goodie bag idea, you're right.
I started out with another download from and added the appropriate words, printing, once again at Bartells (love how easy, quick, and convenient they are). Then I used glue to attach the picture to plain brown gift bags with handles. Before you panic about how big these bags are, remember that I had those fun plastic glasses and twisty straws that needed to fit inside. I added a little blue curly ribbon to the handle and they looked very fun and not too girly. Next came the "goodies"...
We stuffed the bags with:
1.) Fun plastic glass & colored twisty straw;
2.) A handful of "astroids" (see earlier post);
3.) Star Wars crayons & personalized mini Star Wars coloring sheets (check back for details in a later post & I'll show you how easy it is to make them);
4.) Chinese yo-yo light sabers (BIG hit, but do NOT give out before kids leave the party, especially if you have this many kids!)

I grew up that Thank you cards were essential. It was just rude if you didn't have the decency to hand-write a note expressing your appreciation. I know that idea might seem old-fashioned or archaic in today's culture. A verbal thank-you is often considered plenty. I won't argue with you. But I want to do what I can to help instill gratitude in my kids. It also helps to remind him who gave which gifts so that when he sees them he can remember to say something about it. So we did thank you cards. I wrote as Daniel dictated to me. Then he drew a picture or embellished each one personally. I made these, again using downloads, adding appropriate wording.

We're done, except for one last thing. Come back for the personalized coloring book project. I've had friends ask me how I did this and it seemed to be a hit. It was super easy. You can do it for your party, whatever your theme.

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