Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Star Wars Party - The Invitation

We decided to do a friend party when Daniel turned five. After talking with Daniel I started making out a guest list. The best kids birthday party we had gone to the parents had invited everyone in Daniel's Sunday School class. I remember the mom telling me, "We believe the more the merrier." That stuck. We didn't want to leave anyone out, because that just isn't fun. So the invitation list got a little long, but I figured only about half the kids would be able to come anyway. So we invited his entire Sunday School class, grandparents, and some dear "aunts" and "uncles".

Theme selection was next. I did some online looking before I gave Daniel some options. He quickly decided that a Star Wars theme was the way to go. So I got busy creating two invitation options for him to choose from.

This is the one Daniel decided to use. I downloaded the artwork from I did the layout in Illustrator CS3. I set up the files in a simple 4"x6" print. I had to print glossy because I didn't realize that Bartells one-hour photo provided a matte option. The invitations were inexpensive, but Daniel thought they were awesome!

I'll be posting more of the party plans soon. Stop back by to see the decorations, food, games and activities, and even fun thank you cards.

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