Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Virtual Shopping - A Blue Outfit

I gained a little weight after getting married and having three babies (okay, a lot of weight). Since then I resisted buying anything except the essentials, telling myself I'd wait until the weight came off. I packed away the "skinny" clothes, swearing someday they would fit again. Thanks to Weight Watchers, they do. However, unpacking them they don't look nearly as cute as they did nearly a decade ago.

So let the fun begin. I still have three kids, so I won't be leisurely wandering the stores at the mall with my girlfriends, trying on a hundred pair of jeans and asking them what they think. But this is the next best thing.

So what do you think about this outfit? I'm loving the ruffled sweaters.


  1. That outfit is super cute! I definetly think you deserve & that you should buy it. Good job loosing the baby weight!!!

  2. Angela, I have an Old Navy gift card so I'm thinking that I need to take a trip to Mt Vernon sometime. Unfortunately I don't do well unless I actually try something on. Hoping looking online ahead saves time in the store :) Took me almost two years to get the weight off. Lot slower than Kim! But it came on over five years...