Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Button

I am a flawed perfectionist. I mean I play with something to excess, choosing to spend way too much time perfecting things that are inconsequential while neglecting things that I realize are much more important. (Isn't admitting you have a problem the first step to something?)

I have been playing with my blog. I think that must go hand in hand with blog envy. You wander around in blog-land and you want your simple blog to look as cute (or sophisticated) as that one you happened upon after following a dozen and a half links. You know, the one that obviously wasn't from a template and even had adorable little strawberries separating each post that echoed the design in their custom header.

How did they do that? So you start to google. Then you get intimidated my the HTML code. (My husband, the engineer, understands computer languages. Why would I, the artist, think I could figure it out? Give me a color wheel and I'll make his head spin!)

But I did it. I really did it. I learned something knew and I even had to use a bit of HTML code to do it. I learned how to make a blog button. I found this great site with a tutorial. Now I must confess that it took me longer than I thought it should (an hour), but the kids were down for quiet time and this was "Me Time".

Do I need a blog button, you ask? Let's be honest. No. But it is really fun. I don't feel quite as intimidated. So, perhaps in the weeks to come you might see some other cool additions to my site. (Yes, I know, I have better things to do with my time.)

In case you don't know what a blog button even is (I didn't until recently)... it's a cute image that readers of your blog can put on their blog, giving a visual link you can click on to move to your site quickly. So, if you have a personal blog and you want to direct traffic to your business blog, you could do that with a blog button. The idea is to increase traffic to your site. (Yes, I know, there are still better things to do with my time.)


  1. I noticed your blog button and was really impressed, even before I read this post : ). I like your header, too. I still don't know how to do a cool header, or anything cool!

    Oh, and I'm an artist married to an engineer too! It's crazy how these two personality collide- early on in our marriage it was really hard, but I can see how we're both starting to rub off on the other, for the better I hope!

  2. Jessica, artists & engineers... messy and wonderful. We had a tough time early in the marriage. It all changed one day when I heard a guy talking about women married to engineers and how he felt sorry for them because if an engineer is good at his job he's good at finding the flaws, errors, or mistakes. The very thing that makes an engineer a good provider can be very tough on a marriage. That truth changed me. I try very hard to see it as a strength now. :)

    Thanks about the blog button. That means a lot to me, especially coming from you.